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Project Information

The REMOBILISE project

The REMOBILISE project (standing for REgrouping MOBILIty clusters to develop Skills and Exchange) was officially launched in February 2022. It is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening cluster management excellence while facilitating strategic connections between our clusters and our specialized ecosystems and cities across Europe, in the sector of mobility. REMOBILISE takes input from the RECiPE4MOBILITY project from the ongoing generation of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence (ESCP-4x).

The REMOBILISE consortium is composed of 5 European clusters, based on a fair balance between competences, expertise and maturity levels, both at organisational and regional levels: RAI Automotive Industry NL (Netherlands), Cluster Mobility & Logistics (Germany), Mobinov (Portugal), NextMove (France) and Zone Cluster (Hungary).

4 Main Objectives

Under the mobility scope, the REMOBILISE partnership will focus its activities on the thematic of safe and sustainable urban mobility in cities.


Cluster Mobility & Logistics (Germany)

The technology network for mobility and logistics
In the age of electromobility and IT logistics, we work with our partners and members to find intelligent answers to upcoming social and technological challenges. We support in securing existing competitive advantages and creating new ones. Through broad networking, mediation of project partners, contacts to international networks and the initiation and promotion of research projects, we sustainably shape the innovation fields of mobility and logistics. A special feature of the cluster is the interdisciplinary setup of its partners and members from the mobility and logistics sectors. Science and research are an essential part of this. Primary goal as a technology cluster is to build projects that we promote and advance through the networking of our network partners. The Cluster Mobility & Logistics based in the TechBase Regensburg is managed by R-Tech GmbH, a subsidiary of the city of Regensburg.

RAI Automotive Industry NL (Netherlands)

Cluster organisation RAI Automotive Industry NL is the leading authority in Dutch automotive manufacturing and supply chain industry, focusing on global automotive and mobility solutions by joining forces with industry members and stakeholders and acting as a catalyst in the fields of innovation and education. The Netherlands is one of the most innovative countries in the world. RAI Automotive Industry NL facilitates a network of companies, active in the Dutch Automotive Industry, that maintains and strengthens their international innovative lead through mutual cooperation and collaboration with governmental and knowledge institutions.

Mobinov (Portugal)

Created in 2016, Mobinov is an automotive cluster aiming to foster the growth of the national automotive sector through mobilizing initiatives and projects that enhance competitiveness, innovation, and increased added value for its members. It has 69 members, including 32 SMEs.


Since 2006 NextMove brings together and supports mobility players in the Normandy and Paris area regions: manufacturers or service companies, SMEs, start-ups, public institutions, territories, research and training players. With more than 600 members, NextMove is one of the largest French communities in product and service innovation in the field of mobility. Their objective: foster the funding of R&I projects and collaborative business for their members and build the “Mobility Valley”, a European and International reference of innovative and responsible mobility for the future.

Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)

The Connected and Automated Mobility Cluster of Zala was established in 2018 by leading Hungarian infocommunication technology, electronics, UTM aviation, and automotive companies, with the goal of institutionally connecting research, development and innovation capacities in the field of intelligent transport systems. The activity of the cluster is focused on Hungary, but involves regional (Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia) countries and European Union countries as well.
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