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Project Materials & Results

Communication Plan to engage Scaling-up support organizations

The Communication Plan to engage scaling-up support organizations describes the marketing and outreach activities of the REMOBILISE project to involve scaling-up support organizations in the project activities and connect them with SMEs. The document includes the description of the target group, the aim of the communication activities, the communication tools that are used, and the monitoring of the activity.

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Published: 2022.08.01.
Report on skill assessment

In the first three months of the project 27 consultations have been conducted to receive an overview of the cluster members needs but also to have a first rating of our cluster services and therefore skills. Taking the report D2.1 on these as a baseline we could now assess our skills and find gaps between the members needs and cluster skills. To not only find these gaps but also reveal the areas in which the clusters have their expertise and in which areas they can learn from each other a matrix was created. This report provides pathways for T2.3 in which a strategy will be defined to improve our cluster managers skills through mutual training and learning.

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Published: 2022.08.01.
Training session slides on Cascade funds for Startups and SMEs

This slide deck was presented during the first training session organized by the REMOBILISE project on June 2nd, 2022.

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Published: 2022.06.15.
Concept note on pitch sessions methodology

In the framework of WP4 dedicated to Leveraging collaboration activities for clusters, members and scaling-up support organizations the REMOBILISE partners will propose various C2C and B2B matchmaking collaboration activities, to support our members in their development, notably in the identification of the rights partners and/or potential customers and establish concrete business relations and joint projects on the international level.

In order to support even prior to these matchmaking activities, the REMOBILISE consortium prepared a short concept not summarizing the “tips” to develop a successful pitch presentation, as well as presenting the various methodologies that could be used according to the context and the audience.

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Published: 2022.05.11.
Report on Analysis of the needs

This publication puts forward the headlines of the regional consultations led by the partner clusters of the REMOBILISE project, with their member SMEs, scaling-up support organizations, public/regional authorities, knowledge institutions and civil organizations gathering insights of pains, gains, drivers and barriers concerning the development of green and friendly technologies for city ecosystems. These 27 consultations provide pathways for progress when it will come to improvement of cluster management capabilities to improve the member’s skills to be more competitive and to be able to deliver innovative
sustainable technologies for cities.

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Published: 2022.05.11.
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