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REMOBILISE Training Session #5 – Fundamentals of Design Thinking for Cluster Organizations

On the 25th of January from 14:00 CET Zone Cluster organized a 2-hour online workshop with the topic ’Fundamentals of Design Thinking for Cluster Organizations’. The aim of the session was to familiarize the participants with the basic theoretical background of design thinking, and also provide them hands-on experience while using some of its tools in practice. Following the theoretical introduction of the topic, participants formed two groups and worked separately on the given problem area, namely how they could make their services more diverse for their SME members. The excercises helped them to understand their ”users” better and start to think about the problem using the tools of design thinking.

You can also find the training material on the REMOBILISE website!



The REMOBILISE project provides training and education activities for cluster managers to help to improve the skills of clustermanagers and their teams, in order to increase the impact and the benefits for cluster members, with a focus on SMEs. The cluster managers and staff members from all European cluster organisations are welcome to join the trainings and benefit from coaching sessions proposed by the experts within the clusters, as well as from mutual learning between the organisations.
Each session was held by the REMOBILISE cluster organisation with expertise in the respective area, in form of webinars or workshops. The REMOBILISE consortium is composed of 5 European clusters, based on a fair balance between competences, expertise and maturity levels, both at organisational and regional levels. 

About Zone Cluster

The Connected and Automated Mobility Cluster of Zala was established by the cooperation of leading Hungarian info-communication, energy, automotive and air transportation companies. Our aim is to convert Hungary into a significant professional European base for “Smart Mobility” solutions regarding both forming future regulation and developing business cases. Find out more about us at

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