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REMOBILISE Training Session #4 – From identification of funding lines to successfully writing a proposal

On Wednesday 18 th January 2023 Cluster Mobility & Logistics organised a virtual training session focused on the identification of funding lines to successfully writing a proposal.It was an interactive training session that showed cluster and project managers:

o how to scan the funding program landscape
o how to develop a mature project idea
o how to write a successful proposal
o the do’s and don’ts in a proposal

In the workshop part participants could get to know the writer inside of them better and revise a text excerpt. In summary, the “Proposal” training empowered participants to better navigate the delicate process of identifying suitable funding lines for your project and then writing a successful proposal.

You missed the training? No problem, check the recording here.
You can also find the training material on the REMOBILISE website!


The REMOBILISE project will provide training and education activities for cluster managers to help to improve the skills of clustermanagers and their teams, in order to increase the impact and the benefits for cluster members, with a focus on SMEs. The cluster managers and staff members from all European cluster organisations are welcome to join the trainings and will benefit from coaching sessions proposed by the experts within the clusters, as well as from mutual learning between the organisations.
Each session will be held by the REMOBILISE cluster organisation with expertise in the respective area, in form of webinars or workshops. The REMOBILISE consortium is composed of 5 European clusters, based on a fair balance between competences, expertise and maturity levels, both at organisational and regional levels. The Cluster Mobility & Logistics, located in the TechBase Regensburg, is part of the international consortium.

About the organiser Cluster Mobility & Logistics
The technology network for mobility and logistics
In the age of electromobility and IT logistics, we work with our partners and members to find intelligent answers to upcoming social and technological challenges. We support in securing existing competitive advantages and creating new ones. Through broad networking, mediation of project partners, contacts to international networks and the initiation and promotion of research projects, we sustainably shape the innovation fields of mobility and logistics. A special feature of the cluster is the interdisciplinary setup of its partners and members from the mobility and logistics sectors. Science and research are an essential part of this. Primary goal as a technology cluster is to build projects that we promote and advance through the networking of our network partners. The Cluster Mobility & Logistics based in the TechBase Regensburg is managed by R-Tech GmbH, a subsidiary of the city of Regensburg

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